Renegades Ripcord Head, modded + painted MU Nighthawk Body. Belt from Microman Batman.

Organizational History Briefing

History tells us that the G.I. Joe organization developed out of what was originally to be an elite commando unit of the SHIELD organization, named Fury Force. History lies.

The Fury Force legend was created to hide the truth about the organization which not only gave birth to G.I. Joe, but to the modern day hero, period. That group was a justice-seeking, civil rights minded force of change known simply as: Falcon Force.

>Radley Crown, aka the Blue Falcon. Radley shares the dual honor of being the primary financier of the Falcon Force and, as his code name implies, also serving as its chief field commander. His English father, Major Nigel Crown, had served with Col. Falcone during WWII, while his American mother had returned to the States with Radley, to protect him safely during the Battle of Britain. It was on American streets where Radley learned the hard lessons of Justice, and vowed to make the world a better place.

After years of post-War U.S. military service in special ops, Radley returned home to New York and built Crown Industries from the ground up. Even as the company made him a millionaire, he never lost sight of his vow, and utilized his company's technological advances to build himself into an elite hi-tech crime fighting purveyor of Justice. When old Uncle Horatio called to talk about the Falcon Force, Radley simply told him "you had me at 'ello".

[Note: Many Historians believe that it was Crown's involvement with the team that ultimately led to the Falcon Force cover up. It is believed that the leaders of the U.S. Government at that racially charged period of history simply were not willing to allow a black man to be perceived as a savior of the country or even the world. Crown himself was wrongfully accused of promoting civil unrest, and retired in seclusion, if not disgrace. Though a generation's worth of children's stories and cartoons still surfaced concerning the exploits of the various Falcon Force heroes, it is noteworthy that they were often portrayed less than favorably, and that Crown/Blue Falcon was specifically portrayed as a less than competent hero, subservient to his own dog, while also being unfairly portrayed as white.]

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