Head: Slayer Cast
Torso: 25th Destro
Legs: 25th Copperhead
Skirt: 25th Serpentor
Arms: Storm Shadow

The first decision to make these customs came from using that Destro torso in my modern Bishop figure. I then asked myself, what other figure parts are absolutely identifiable as one thing, that I could combine successfully to create something else? I also had a pair of those Slayer samurai heads in my fodder box for a few years, never knowing what I could do with them. Bucky created a figure challenge during a custom celebration, and everything all kind of clicked at once. I went with Destro, Leader of the Iron Samurai, and here they are.

"Destro instituted the Iron Samurai program after breaking into the long-held Yakuza markets. When flanked by his fearsome Iron Samurai, he strikes a strong message into his competitors that he is not to be taken lightly."

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