Head: CHIPS- Sarge cast
Torso, upper arms, jacket skirt: Indiana Jones- Colonel Dovchenko
Lower arms: 25A Dusty
Hands: 25A Para-Viper
Waist: ROC Storm Shadow
Legs: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Feet: 25A Destro


This is a "happy accident" that came about as I parted together my Eagle Force Vulcher figure. The legs and torso/skirt jacket looked complimentary, lending themselves to an Oktober Guard figure. The design is almost non-descript, but the diagonal chest strap and collar peg the figure as being an officer. The saggy Colonel Dovchenko lower arms were too distinct and had to be replaced. The Cobra Soldier feet were tiny and also had to go.

Colors & Paint:

I worked up several paint schemes, ranging from olive to dark brown. The camouflage pattern of teal spots and barnwood spots on a brown field worked the best overall because it was the most different from that of Colonel Dovchenko.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The waist, which had been sawed away from its torso for the Vulcher figure, was attached to the torso and jacket skirt.

Thanks for looking.

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