Head: George Lucas Stormtrooper cast by Nova
Body: TRU 6 pack Crimson Guard

The Crimson Guard program was initially intended to place Cobra sleeper agents undercover into positions of authority and influence, in all manner of industry, in order to further the Cobra ideals, and subvert the American Dream.

George Lucas was a very early recruit to the Crimson Guard. Sometime around the release of Return of the Jedi, he joined up and disappeared from public view for a period. During this time he was indoctrinated and trained in subversion techniques. When he returned, he launched his magnum opus: pulling the rug out from under a very large and devoted fan base. The idea being that with their independent spirit crushed by special edition tresses, and disgraceful prequels to their religiously revered Star Wars trilogy, they would be better prepared to question their values, and be ripe for recruitment. His task completed, Lucas sold off his holdings in what remained of his Empire and retired to Cobra Island.

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