Head: POTC Gibbs (the later version) modded
Body: Gears of War ___
Arms: Joe elbow/forearm (unsure who)
Belt - modded with Ren. Snake Eyes holster

"Realtor of the Stars..." No, not celebrities. Actual stars. He sells 'em (and the planets that go with them)

"He" is Joe Soprano, and through his company Geographical Investments (G.I.), Joe (or G.I. Joey as he has been known to the patrons of Joe's Cantina for years) explores the habitable planets and moons of every system within man's reach, stakes claims when able, and sells newly found "real estate" to those who might cultivate these new properties.

Just as on old Earth, realty is a tough business. It's tougher when you're selling bits of land on remote planets which might be inaccessible by Jump Gates, or may not even be fully formed as of yet. Because it's so unpredictable, G.I. Joey started a second business in order to make ends meet (Steeler Freight), running cargo of all sorts to remote locales where the main interstellar freight lines (including the Royal lines from each of the Two Kingdoms) rarely go.

The space station known as The Artifex, in orbit around the mining planet of Farhaven is one such remote location. Sure, the planet's recent mining boom has attracted the return of semi-regular shipping lanes, but the station itself has not yet received direct benefit from this development. So, for now, The Artifex and its various retailers and residents are reliant upon small independent cargo operations such as Steeler Freight. The benefit is reciprocal, such that the Artifex makes for a key stop of Joe's as well. This second business makes abundant sense for a man who would be traveling through anyway, and the contacts and acquaintances from one endeavor occasionally produce new clients for the other.

In addition to staking and selling his own claims, G.I. Joey is available as a for-hire explorer, which is one line of work readily available for those willing and able.

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