Head: Obi-wan
Torso: Kyle Katarn
Arms: POC Beachhead
Legs: MU Ghostrider?
Belts and sash are a combo of Prince of Persia and Jango Fett

"Imagine if Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo had a baby, then they found a way to shoot that baby into the far future, teach it how to fly a spaceship as well as shoot a gun, taught him that there was no place for virtue on the fringes of civilization, just knowing he'd find his own code to live by anyway, out of spite, and then made him one of the two most wanted men in all of the galaxy? Well that, my friends, is how you get yourself a Doc Diego, and nobody, I mean NOBODY wants to have to deal with that."

- Josephus Michaelangelo LXX, giving his now infamous "Space Cowboy Rides Again" speech to the patrons of Joe's Cantina, as he tried - unsuccessfully - to calm one half of the populace, while inciting enough excitement to - unsuccessfully - recruit a posse out of the other, once news broke of Doc Diego's impending arrival at the station.

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