Base figure - One Piece figurine

Spawn defeated Malebolgia and became the new king of Hell. But it is not something he truly wanted so he surrendered Hell to Heaven. Heaven made him a redeemer, an angel who would fight for the cause of Heaven and help man to find the right path towards God. Spawn was happy because he could return to Earth to see his wife Wanda and daughter Cyan. He was teleported to a secluded island somewhere in the South Pacific. There he saw a military base being built by a terrorist group known as Cobra. Spawn realized it must be his first mission as a redeemer, to destroy these Cobra terrorists. There he met an undercover agent named Abbey Chase who is on a mission to gather information about Cobra's activity in the island, and also a young boy named Ben Tennyson, who journeyed to the island to rescue his grandfather from the clutches of Cobra. Together they attack the Cobra stronghold and successfully vanquishing the Cobra forces in the territory. They have brought peace to the island. Ben was reunited with his grandfather, Abbey stayed for a while to enjoy the beach and get a tan while Spawn teleported to New York to visit his family.

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