Head Daniel Craig from The Golden Compass
upper body ROC SS
Lower body Resolute 7-packs figure

This figure was part of an elimination Tournament and finished third based on the Character's skills and was voted Best Customs.

Flashbang's story is one of frustration... and destruction. As a student athlete, he excelled in a wide range of combat-related sports: archery, fencing, wrestling, boxing, javelin and Taekwondo. But it is his great prowess at figure-skating that led to the huge chip on his shoulder. Although he considered it a martial art, his classmates, unfortunately for his ego, did not. That is when he acquired his most dangerous, most lethal, most destructive skill yet: an obsessive desire to prove himself.

Flashbang is the only Joe to apply three times before being finally admitted. On his fourth evaluation, he tried so hard to impress General Hawk with his wide range of newly-aquired weapon skills that he set the building on fire. Which gave Hawk an idea: use him as a human stun grenade. Flashbang gets tossed into a situation and creates total mayhem. Hawk then sends in the actual mission team, followed by a cleanup crew to mop up the heavy collateral damage caused by Flashbang's overzealous approach.

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