TGC - Stranger Head Sculpt
City Strike Snake Eyes Torso and upper arms
Clone Trooper forearms
Legs: Resolute Duke Lowers, and ? Uppers

It's not often that somebody becomes a Paladin without going through the Program to get there. Sure, the EXCAL founders did that, but everyone else, including Knighthawk and even the Silent Master had to go through the full training. To me, it's the fact that the Stranger did not have to do this which makes him even more mysterious than the rumors of where the hell he came from in the first place.

It's pretty much the only thing anyone has talked about since his arrival. I wasn't there at the time, but my buddy I play cards with - Deuce is how you probably know him - said he saw the whole thing. He's the pilot of the Talon, so he's around Knighthawk and the dealings of the Program all the time, and even he is mystified.

He said it went like this:
Knighthawk and Hellfire get called out on a recon mission to North Africa. It's in a mostly neutral region, yet the trip isn't one where the Knights are authorized to legally roam at will. So discretion is a must. We fly in hot but in the dark, nobody knows we are coming. I got a peek at the datascript mission log (Knighthawk usually fills the crew in, so that we are all prepared for what might go down) and they were sent in to investigate something our satellites had picked up - an intense sudden electromagnetic pulse that occurred in the desert.

Well within seconds of touching down, this dude carrying a battle axe walks right up to the Talon, scales the tail and knocks on the friggin' cargo door. He came up and knocked! You can imagine that when we opened the door we greeted this dude with somewhere between 6-12 gun barrels pointed at his chest. He was dirty, and dressed really strange. Like otherworldly strange. He smelled like, I don't know ozone or something, that combined with the smell of singed hair. He had gadgets attached all about him, but clearly they weren't functioning, having been damaged at some point. And he was holding something about the size of a grapefruit wrapped up in a ratty old cloth.

Knighthawk was just about to put one between his eyes I think, but Hellfire stopped him. Said they needed to talk. It was like she recognized the new guy, or at least something about him. They brought this Stranger aboard and went below deck. An hour later they emerged. The newly dubbed Mysterious Stranger was wearing armor - Paladin armor. Not a word was spoken, but the Knights never even left the ship to go investigate the electromagnetic signal. Hellfire said they had done what they had came for and ordered an immediate return to Battle Station Camelot. Hellfire almost seemed in charge for a bit thereafter, and Knighthawk - who I have honestly never seen shaken in the 15 years I have known him - he looked like he had seen his own ghost...

Deuce didn't actually see what the Stranger had wrapped up in the cloth, but I've heard from others what it was, and I believe them. They said it was Knighthawk's gauntlet. As in the exact - EXACT - same gauntlet he was still wearing at that time on his left hand. With the Knighthawk emblem and all. Also heard that the Stranger at times now refers to Knighthawk as Lord Dark Eagle, and has mentioned "gates" frequently, only to be shushed by Hellfire. I believe all of this to be true, but despite my belief, the only certainty in any of this is that the Mysterious Stranger's codenamed has been rightfully earned.

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