Head: Resolute Storm Shadow with Night Creeper hood
Torso: Shock Trooper
Upper Arms: ?
Lower Arms: Not sure where the elbows came from, but the wrapped portions are from a Star Wars figure and the hands are from Dollar General Storm Shadow
Legs: I think RoC Lt. Stone with Hall of Heroes Storm Shadow lower leg wraps.
Feet: WWE Build N Brawl

Nunchuk never did anything for me. He was just another ninja in a line with what often felt like too many. But I eventually got to him back when I was detailing all my ARAH figure and realized he wore Chuck Taylor All-Stars. A shoe I myself am fond of. Once I noticed that he became a favorite of mine and I started digging into him to see how he fit. I envision him being a wild youth who tried to rob the Soft Master's bodega, maybe "sold" him a gun, and became fascinated by this old man who could move faster than the eye could see. Not having the time to train him himself, the Soft Master points him at the Blind Master, and the rest is Ninja Force history.

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