Head: Broscious Clay (WWE Rumbler)
Body: Doctor Who 5 inch figure, modded
Arms: MU shoulders added to Doctor Who figure's arms

When EXCAL's main opponent, the organization known as MEDUSA, seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth, those wannabe criminals who had previously feared to step on the toes of such a massive evil empire, once more emerged from the shadows.

Such is the case with Wilson Fisk, the man known simply as the Kingpin.

Operating primarily out of New York/Gotham, the Kingpin remains in charge of a viable organization despite the efforts of Spider-Man, Daredevil and even the Batman to shut him down.

Complicating matters, however, is an uprising from one of his presumed underlings, as the Joker seems intent on ruling crime in the town, and beyond.

What will happen when word hits the streets that Cobra Commander has been found? Who knows. But even MEDUSA members (those who are left) quake in their boots at the thought.

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