Head: ok - face is either Juno Eclipse or Elsa Schneider, likely Juno; hair on main figure is POTC Liz Swan (with Pirate Hat version), modded to accept the Pilot's cap.

Both torsos are Tri-Gate/Slayer purchases
Arms: Avengers BW
Legs: Marvel U (Elektra Uppers?) Ms. Marvel knees/calves/Dr. Rex (ROC) Boots.
Skirt is Lil Bratz Cheerleader.

I admit I don't know much about the character. Like, I'm not sure if Zinda Blake is the current version in the Birds of Prey comic, or not. And I'm torn as to whether I want this to be a person so I can make a Zinda for one of my prequel verses or not.

I first became aware of Blackhawk as a character when I saw someone make a sweet Johnny West based custom of him back in the day (using a General Custer body, it was perfect). So when I first stumbled upon the Lady Black hawk figure, I was immediately intrigued.

The main thing of interest in the construction of this figure is that the upper torsos can be swapped out easily, by way of magnets.

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