Head: Prof X Modded
Torso: Wolverine Origins
Arms: WO, with Kwinn forearms
Legs: Duke/Shipwreck
Feet: Arctic Destro

Knighthawk. Need I say more?

What's that? Yes? Well, ok then. You know who he is by now. Warrior. Joe. Spy. Adventurer. Friend to the Batman. Trainer of Ninjas. Monster Hunter.

The only "Agent" working the field these days who can even hold a candle to Knighthawk is Lance Sputnik. But while Sputnik's resume may be more diverse, word is that even he cowers at the thought of going toe-to-toe with Knighthawk.

This version of Tristan Knight depicts him in his civilian adventuring gear. He has been working as a consultant with the New Adventure Team to make sure that its members are up to any task that they might confront.

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