Head: Batman figure
Torso: Lowlight
Upper Legs: ?
Lower Legs: ME Snake Eyes
Arms: Retaliation Zartan

I worked on this custom as my submission for the Batman NJC. However, I completely forgot to submit it on time. I didn't want to make just a straightforward Batman custom. A few years back, I remember seeing a picture of Batman fighting Snake Eyes. I thought it would be an interesting idea to combine the two characters. This essentially involved taking certain characteristics and merging them. For example, I wanted to have the Batman ears but incorporate the trademark Snake Eyes visor. I lucked out with that head because it came with no lips. I don't particularly care for or against regarding the lips but it makes a nice nod to the lips no lips SE debate some folks have. As for the body, it had to have modular armor to allow for movement. I had to combine pieces here and there for that. As for the Bat symbol, I wanted to include a homage and the sculpting on Low-Light's torso has a slight bat logo look.

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