Head: Custom cast
Body/backpack: 25th Bazooka
Weapon: Marauder Inc.

Cobra Commander believes he has found the perfect location for his new base of operations at the North Pole. Little does he know that the North Pole is already the home of a certain jolly old elf. When Cobra tries to move in and take over the North Pole Toy Factory for their own nefarious purposes, Santa strikes back to protect Christmas for children all over the world.

My second "Commando Claus" and the leader of my Christmas Commandos. I considered a more traditional look with fur and the red suit but it just didn't feel like Joe to me. The Bazooka body had the right size I wanted and the head fit with little modification. I painted the ends of the rockets to match traditional glass ball ornaments or lights. I'm not completely happy with the writing on his shirt but its the best I could do and I think it works.

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