Head: RoC Helix
Body: SDCC Red Jinx
Weapons: Marauder Inc.

Though immortal the Claus' still felt the personal desire to continue their line and thus their first child was born. Candie Cane is the only daughter of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Much to her mother's chagrin, Candie takes after her father, seeking adventure and hoping to one day join him on his annual trek across the globe. Until then she leads the Elves in the workshop and in defense of their home against the forces of Cobra.

I had an idea to do a female figure for this project but had pushed it off while I concentrated on the figures I had started. But the creative bug bit me hard and I slammed this one out in a couple days. I originally was going to just paint the trim on the uniform but it didn't look right so I cracked open the Fixit and sculpted the fur trim on the torso, gloves and boots. This gives me a figure in the display with the classic Santa look without being a straight up classic Santa figure. I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out given how quickly I got her done. I just noticed how off her skintone looks in the pictures. The neck and face match much better in person. It's just a trick of the light or the editing I did to the photo.

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