Body: Star Wars Magnaguard
Helmet: 25th Duke
Weapons: Marauder Inc.

The Tactical Operation Yuletide (T.O.Y.) Soldiers were built on the same endoskeleton as Santa's classic robotic toy soldier figures only upscaled to human size. Rather than the complete "clothing" covering the body that the toy figure has, the T.O.Y.s are built with minimal armor covering their vital components. This allows them to be faster and more maneuverable than their tiny brethren but also makes them vulnerable to heavy weapons fire. That is why the T.O.Y.s are outfitted with their own heavy machine guns and deployed as sentry guards around the Workshop where heavy firepower works best.

The T.O.Y. Soldiers came from wanting to create some robots to defend Santa's Workshop and still have that classic toy soldier/Nutcracker look (red jacket, black pants, black hat, big rifle). I'm pretty happy with these and I'd like to do a few more eventually but for now these 2 will do.

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