Head: ROC Shipwreck
Body, camo suit: POC Jungle Viper
Weapons: Marauder Inc.

During a routine arctic training mission, special services operator Robert Tannenbaum found himself separated from his group during a sudden snowstorm. He was discovered half frozen and near death by one of Santa's elves and brought back to the North Pole to recover. Tannenbaum was about to return to his home when Cobra first struck and he decided to stay to help the North Pole residents defend their home. After training all of Santa's helpers Tannenbaum took up a camouflage suit that befit his name and patrols the perimeter of Santa's North Pole compound, the first line of defense against Cobra and any others looking for trouble.

This was the figure that inspired the rest of the Christmas Commandos. I was looking at the Jungle Viper and saw that it looked a lot like a Christmas tree. So I did a simple head swap to give him a grizzled lumberjack look and added the grenades to the outside of the camo suit to look like ornaments. A gold range finder for a tree topper and TannenBOMB was ready for action. This is the figure that made me giggle the most when I was putting him together. It is everything I wanted to symbolize this project and I'm really happy with it.

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