Head: Cast Angelforge
Main Body/Arms/Legs: Retaliation Roadblock
Weapons/ammo belt/pouches/backpack: random misc. fodder.

Rock N Roll
This custom was done for a contest based on the Kindle Worlds novel GI Joe: First Salvo By Bill Nedrow. I was given this ebook as a gift by a friend and then saw there was a contest going on, I haven't done a custom in a while, so I thought it was time to do a few.
One of my favorite characters growing up was Rock 'n Roll. I wanted to tackle him from this book. He's basically the same way you'd think of the original Rock 'n Roll figure, but I wanted to make him a little bigger in size. That was one of the things that upset me about the old one, he was the same size, yet he was always depicted as a bigger guy. I'm not sure the weapon is period accurate, but it was one of the only large rifles I had and I like how it turned out.

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