Head & Torso: Angelforge
Arms: 25th Beachhead
Legs: Retaliation Lady Jaye
Hands/weapon/rifle case: random fodder

This is another custom I did for a contest based on the Kindle Worlds novel GI Joe: First Salvo by Bill Nedrow. I actually have 3 more customs based off the book and hope to complete them before the sequel comes out next year.
I'll be honest and never cared for the Shooter character, I thought it was a silly idea, but in the book, you really bond with her. When the contest came around, I thought it was the perfect time to finally finish a custom of her I started a while back.
I'm not really happy with the arms, and I may change them in the future, but I really wanted to keep the original Joe look most my others were going with and the ribbed arms matched.

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