Head Baroness ROC no hair
Arms modified Ripcord Renegades
Torso Scarlett Renegades
Lower legs alley Viper POC
Upper legs Scarlett ROC

Roadblock will correct anyone describing Blockade as his sister; she is his half-sister. Inevitably, ten to fifteen seconds of awkward silence follows, a silence made all the more uncomfortable by Roadblock hard stare. Blockade began her career in destruction as soon as she was able to get her hands on Roadblock's toys. Many a christmas turned to tragedy because of her crushing feet and surprisingly powerful fingers, and only the most basic toys were able to survive her infantile wrath against inanimate objects.

It is widely believed that the reason Roadblock was aiming to be a chef earlier in his career is that only kitchen utensils were left in the children's toy chest. As the two got older, Roadblock attempted to control his half-sister's rage, but if cooking had really been his specialty, he would have realized that putting a lid on a pot only makes the water boil faster. When the proverbial lid blew off and Blockade became the full-time rager we know today, Cobra was only too happy to stoke the flames of the explosive new recruit.

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