Head Helix
Upper Torso & legs Baroness ROC
Arms & jacket Jubilee MU
Lower torso Zanya Dreadnoks 7packs

A woman's charm can be her most powerful weapon. Army intelligence experts classify Encantadora's charm as "high-powered armor-piercing large-scale assault weaponry". That is military jargon for devastatingly charming. And she uses this weapon like a well-trained veteran.

Over the years, the information she has obtained, the high-ranking officers she has influenced and the events she has manipulated are said to have caused more damage than the destructive firepower of an Ohio-class ballistic submarine. Unfortunately for high command, this kind of power leads to a very strong-minded, independent leader. After being discharged for one count too many of insubordination, Cobra was only too happy to give Encantadora her very own command: the Ex-Joes... The Serpentes!

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