Head: DTC Salvo with MU Warpath hair
Hat: WWE Rumblers Undertaker
Torso and Upper Arms: RoC Arctic Storm Shadow with 25th Tunnel Rat belt
Lower Arms: Retaliation Joe Colton with 25th Croc Master hands
Upper Legs: 25th Storm Shadow
Lower Legs: Wolverine Origins
Vest: 25th Torch
Quiver and Bow: MU Hawkeye with strap from RoC Arctic Snake-Eyes

Warpath was first introduced into Mattel's Big Jim line in 1972 as Chief Tankua. The year after Billy Jack first hit theaters. You do the math. When they relaunched Big Jim as Big Jim and the P.A.C.K. Tankua came along and was renamed Warpath. He hits all the obligatory stereotypical notes, military vet who ended up working high steel and then returned to his roots as a tracker. Still, he's got a cool design, and he was fun translating into ME format.

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