Head: RoC Ripcord
Torso and Upper Arms: 5 pack Shipwreck
Lower Arms: Star Wars Talon Karrde
Legs: RoC Cobra Commander

Display: Die-Cast Dauphin Coast Guard chopper, wooden Wal-Mart Candle Base and frames.

This is a commission I did a few years ago. I'd done a Joe of a coworkers grandfather (that I no longer seem to have pictures of sadly) in a shadowbox display for a birthday gift. A friend of his saw it, and wanted to know if I could do something similar as a gift for his father. His dad had been a Coast Guard helicopter pilot and he wanted to make sure the chopper was represented in the display. Since there's no Joe scale Daulphin helicopter, and definitely not one in Coast Guard colors, we compromised with a die-cast one. I'm very happy with how this custom came out, and I loved the challenge and final outcome of making a complete display piece. Commissions aren't something I like to take on, the communication and stress of dealing with the customer, but the final result was something that really pleased me. I just wish I had a picture of the final display with the actual pictures included, instead of the "came with the frame" couple.

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