head - high tech
mask - frontal assault duke
torso - lt - stone
vest - shockblast
webgear - para duke
forearms - snake eyes v1
hands - gung ho
lower legs - destro
pistols - cobat squad recondo
knife - lt stone
switchfire rifle and bayonette -combat squad recondo

Halo is based on the alias that Wild Weasel took as a member of the Phoenix Guard, he is replacing Night Force CrazyLegs

Dare - Halo

Fearless in the face of danger. Halo is proud of everything he has done in his career. To have all that overshadowed by the lies corruption and villainy perpetrated by Wild Weasel in his name just fuels a rage many feared the high polished paratrooper already had. To spend a year as a Cobra POW subjected to interrogation, live training dummy and pit fights, then come to find out his name his legacy was tarnished as a cog in a mad man's war. Halo agreed to serve on the Phoenix Guard to clear his name... however he knew it would make it all the more easier to find Wild Weasel. No one expected him to jump from the siterep jet to airdive onto a Rattler in order to get him though.

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