head - custom cast mego head
torso - commando snake eyes
elbow forearms - yakuza storm shadow
hands - desert wolf
lower legs - camo long range
flack vest and grenade launchers - team fortress demo-guy

Hardball spent years playing for the minor leagues, after awhile he figured the Majors where not in his future so he decided he'd put his physical skills to better use. He is an absolute marvel to watch as he manages amazing feats of trajectory and rebound just "eyeing it" One thing that gets under his skin is that at times others feel compelled to engage him in idle sports small talk... Skidmark had the misfortune of doing a recon patrol with Hardball and Big Lob... ONCE. Never again do those two share any duty shift.

BIG LOB in gunner seat of Desert Fox "From the skybox you can see the excitement of the crowd."

Hardball in passenger seat: "(groan) I swear one more sports metaphor and I'll -"

Big lob "Finally the Lob has come back to...where are we?"

Skidmark "..."

Hardball leaps into the back and starts making lob slap himself "stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself!"

Skidmark " Stop it BOTH OF YOU or so help me I'm going to drive off a cliff"

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