Body, Arms & Legs - Shipwreck (v17) Dollar General
Head - Gunner Gordon (v1) Jurassic Park & G.I. Joe TRU 2 pack
Harness - Duke (v49) Dollar General
Satchel - Beachhead (v11) Comic 2 pack
Pliers - Firefly (v15) Comic 2 pack
Belt - Cobra (v3) cut off top of Harness
Pistol - Duke (v32) Resolute 5 pack
Rifle - Conrad "Duke" Hauser (v39) TRU 5 pack

Not much is known about Ammon. His name is Egyptian in origin, Ammon Runihura. The literal translation means "Unseen, concealed or hidden" "Destroyer". Whether or not this is his real name or was given to him by unknown members of the Intel Community, is a mystery. Either way it is the perfect moniker for a person who is widely considered the best in the world at Espionage and a Demolition Expert.

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