Head, torso, arms to wrist, legs to ankle: DC Infinite Heroes- Raven
Hands: ???
Feet: ROC Baroness
Jacket scratch built


As with Lady Jaye, Hasbro didn't give us a Renegades Baroness figure. This is my take on that version, with a few design and color changes to accommodate the figure parts.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the cartoon. Light blue is used as a stand-in for clear on the glasses.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Hasbro's Renegades figures largely took the cartoon heads and translated them into more realistic depictions of human heads. So my Renegades customs would blend with the Hasbro Renegades figures, I pushed the head away from the cartoonish look while keeping the design elements of the artwork.

The glasses and hair are sculpted of epoxy. The long coat is sculpted from paper/tape. The tiny feet and boots of the Raven figure were replaced with larger ones, which helped supply the lanky look seen in the cartoon. Although the female characters in Renegades were drawn as slender/athletic, they weren't given superhuman or impossible proportions. To match this, the exaggerated chest of the Raven figure was toned down to a more realistic size.

Thanks for looking.

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