Head: Schleich Chimpanze
Body: Wreck It Ralph
Feet: Megamind McDonalds toy
Helmet: Gumball machine with sculpting
Patches: mailing labels

Blue Laser Prisoner Exchange to Silent Master

SM gave a list of stuff he'd like as a custom. Last on the list "space monkey". Until I read that, he was just going to get one of the customs from the JC display archives. I had the Wreck It Ralph figure waiting for the right robot project to come along, but this idea sparked my interest.

During a recent encounter with a Lunartix battle cruiser, GI Joe's Star Brigade team finally reunited the lost NASA chimp known as Chuck. Since the Lunartix have become common enemies of the Space Monkeys, Captain Simian joined the Joes and currently serves as their navigator and intel officer in this region of space.

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