Head: RoC Ripcord w/ sculpted beard
Torso: RoC Storm Shadow
Legs: Joe Colton modified
Arms: RoC General Hawk
Holster: Star Wars Luke Skywalker comic pack
Belt: 25th Storm Shadow
Pistol 1: Indiana Jones
Pistol 2: PoC Law
Scarf: Apoxie sculpt
Hat: Pirates of the Carribean
Rifle: Happy Toys hunting set
Horse: Indiana Jones

As I was watching Django, my mind kept trying to figure out parts combinations for his different outfits in the movie.The scene of him learning how to shot had a simple enough look to it. I spent about two hours sitting in the snow playing out scenes from the movie and I'm pretty sure that led to the eventual cold I got. My regrets, not bringing enough bad guys for him to shoot or ketchup to spill everywhere.

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