Limbs, Lab Coat, Accessories: Lab Rats (JoeCon 2014 Zombie Initiative, which is a repaint of Ultimate Cobra Commander)
Torso: Custom (sorry, i've forgotten the vendor)
Head: SW RotS Tarkin

Scar-Face: Comic Pack Trooper with some extra hair drawn on

One of Dr Venom's lesser known side projects was creating a prototype chemical cocktail of what would later become known as Compund Z. Seen here in an underground Cobra laboratory facility, his courier, the Cobra trooper known as Scar-Face, delivers some raw materials purchased on the black market.

Fortunately Doctor Venom was unable to stabilize his formula during his lifetime, however, Cobra kept samples of his experimental materiel and put it on the the back-burner until they had in their employ scientists of sufficient talent and malevolence to continue the project.

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