Helmet, weapon: ARAH Budo
Head: Pushmold combining Montezuma skull with Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Neck: head/neck inset from a DC Universe figure
Upper torso: Star Wars- Kit Fisto
Arms: Star Wars- Clone Trooper
Hands: Star Wars- Barquin DAn
Legs to bottom of pants, shoulder armor: Star Wars- Galactic Marine
Legs below knee: Star Wars- Super Battle Droid
Lower body armor: NS Slice combined with NS Slash


Bludgeon was a late 80's Transformers character adapted as GI Joe figure as part of a 2013 Comic Con exclusive GI Joe / Transformers set. This will probably be the only Transformers custom I ever make, so it was a unique build.

I make customs of some exclusives to fill the character slots in my collection. Not with this figure. I don't have any particular interest in the Transformers or Bludgeon, but the byproduct legs of my MASK Venom Drone figure looked interesting enough to do something with. The only obviously robotic part of the Comic Con figure is the head, but the distorted droid lower legs/feet complement the head too much to not use together. The uniform doesn't really look right for a samurai, even a robot one. For what this figure is, a thrown-together project, that's just fine.

Colors & Paints:

Based on the comic con figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is a push mold combining the Montezuma upper skull with the Inferno Mission Iron Man jaw. Creating it took several tries, but it wasn't until I canted and offset the jaw slightly that it had the right feel.

The chest/back armor is sculpted.

The hands were glued to the arms.

Thanks for looking.

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