Head: Tonka Play People cast
Torso, arms: 25A Lady Jaye
Upper legs: NS Widescope
Lower legs, pistol: NS Baroness
Backpack: '82 Grunt cast
Pouches: ROC Ice Viper pushmolds


The GI Joe Collector's Club officially named this character "Cobra Officer", like an army builder instead of a named character. The character, more correctly referred to as Captain Bristow, was introduced in 2007 as the Night Stalkers Commander. Although technically not an army builder, it shared the same head and body with six other figures which were army builders. Captain Bristow was only distinguished from them by having strawberry blonde hair. The Night Stalkers are solid figures, but Captain Bristow simply blends in too much. Usually strawberry blonde hair would do the trick, but the set included two more redheads as well.

This is a custom of Captain Bristow that sets her apart from the other Night Stalkers.

The Tonka Play People head features a much different hairstyle than the 2007 factory figure, but after seven plus years it was probably time for Captain Bristow to find a new style anyway. The base figure features a mask over the lower half of Captain Bristow's face. It's not a bad idea, but I removed it so the figure doesn't read as an army builder. The head is also a bit on the small side, so slightly shorter NS legs were used instead of ROC Baroness legs. This helps it blend better with the ARAH Night Stalkers figures, too.

Colors & Paint:

Expanding the black/silver design of the GIJCC figure, with charcoal for the uniform and maroon added to the undershirt. A black wash pushed the charcoal even darker. The head is strikingly similar to the card art for the '82 Scarlett and would have made a good tribute head for it. To push it further away from the Scarlett appearance, dark lipstick and arched eyebrows were added. To offset the vary simple sculpt of the Tonka head sculpt, I added highlights and a "layered" effect in the hair. This also plays well against the olive skin tone- another change from the original figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head and backpack are cast. The upper right leg was thinned down at the top to fit into the socket. The thigh straps are sculpted. The pouches are pushmolds from the ROC Ice Viper vest.

Thanks for looking.

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