Head: Adventure People cast
Helmeted head: ARAH Range Viper cast
Chest/back: NS Lady Jaye
Arms: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Waist, legs: NS Scarlett
Jacket body: Star Wars- Yoda cloak
Bullet band: ARAH Range Viper push mold


Evy appeared in an episode of the horrible DIC run as a foe/potential romantic interest to Ambush. Evy was a Range Viper who had been a childhood friend of Ambush. The two squared off in a boring episode, which made it the least bad episode of the handful I've forced myself to watch. DIC episodes are animation poison.

The cartoon uniform has a bullet band across the chest and a Range Viper helmet, but otherwise is incongruent with the other Range Viper uniforms. Evy's cartoon uniform was basically a leotard with knee pads and dishwashing gloves. The Scarlett and Lady Jaye parts are loaded with gear and details, so I used them to replace the DIC uniform altogether. Adding the jacket and using IJ arms give Evy a outdoorsy look.

Colors & Paint:

The DIC design was bland, but made absolutely horrible when given the all pastels color set. Pastels. For a Range Viper? Instead of the uniform that would only allow her to hide only in a florist's shop, I went another route.

Much thanks to darkjedi. It was his idea, which won the most votes in a poll, to stick much closer to the traditional RV colors. The grey is metallic instead of flat, mostly to better show off the great "brain folds" sculpted into the helmet. The orange/yellow is also toned down to a canvass color. This color, Craftsmart's "antique white", is a gloppy color, so I had to go back in and paint in lost detail with thin brown lines. The cartoon helmet didn't have pink eyes, but I painted them pink here as a nod to the original pastels in the cartoon.

I cast a bullet band directly from the original RV figure, but it didn't contour with the chest well enough to keep. I painted the crossbow bolts on the Scarlett thigh to bring the original RV figure's gold element. The bolts are so poorly sculpted that it's hard to tell what they were supposed to be. Maybe they're throwing knives. It's from the new sculpt era so it's not all that surprising. The important thing is that is was an area on the figure to paint gold.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The heads are cast. The shoulder sockets were reworked to accept the IJ inset posts.

Thanks for looking.

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