Head: Corps Avalanche
Torso: Road Pig
Arms: Sgt Slaughter v3
Waist: Corps
Legs: Action Marine
Accessories: Corps Chopper billyclub

Name: Club
PMS: Dreadnok Bouncer

Name: Tockey, Richard T.
Birthplace: Unknown

While working at a club in Broca Beach, Ricky T had the unfortunate luck to have the Dreadnoks start a brawl with the owner's family while he was covering the door. After recognizing Buzzer and Ripper he threw out the owner's family costing him a job. The Noks liked his style and offered to take him to meet the boss. He now watches Zartan's Swamp Cabin while the rest of the Noks are out working for Cobra.

From harlie: I have had these customs done for nearly 5-6 years and never got around to posting them (mostly due to a lack of a camera and then losing its charge cord once I got one). Many of these I am having to completely rewrite their bio as the notebook I kept my notes in has disappeared sometime during my last couple moves. I hope everyone likes them once I get them redone.

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