Head: '93 Blast-Off
Torso: '93 SB Roadblock
Arms: '87 Blizzard
Waist: '93 SB Roadblock
Legs: '93 Mirage

Astro-Pack: Cobra Pom-Pom Gun Modified

I know the Star Brigade subset ran concurrently to the Battle Corps line in the '90's, but regardless, as I was expanding my Battle Corps team I wanted to include some characters that never got a worthy update.
Countdown was always a cool character and figure to me, and I really wanted to update him. I know he had a couple of Star Brigade releases, but those were just repaints, and lacked any of the cool accessories the original figure came with.

As a combat Astronaut I wanted to give him an accessory that accentuated his function, so I created this Self-propelling, life support pack with top mounted dual rapid fire laser cannons.

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