Alley Viper- head
Dusty v11- head
Salvo- Torso
Corps figure- arms
General Hawk- waist and legs

Primary Military Specialty: urban warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: mech operator
Birthplace: Woodward, Oklahoma

He learned urban warfare while serving three tours in Iraq but received a medical discharge after being critically injured when his Humvee drove over an IED. He recovered from the physical damage but was left with severe PTSD. He returned home very disturbed and due to the VA backlog he was not able to get the help he needed. Within a few months his wife divorced him and got him denied visitation with his kids due to his violent outbursts. He had been living on the streets for over a year when Cobra Commander discovered him. He felt that the USA was responsible for his condition and all of his problems. He was a broken man but Cobra Commander saw potential. He sent him to Dr. Mindbender who put him on a regiment of intense hypno-therapy. It made him functional but he required constant maintenance getting a dose of hypno-therapy once a week. Even with the constant monitoring the truth is he is very volatile and could snap at any moment with no warning. After less then a year in Cobra he had advanced to a leadership position commanding the Alley Vipers. Not much scares an Alley Viper but they all walk on eggshells around Commander Hooligan.

Sgt Hooligan works in collaboration with Big Boa taking the best specimens from the ranks of Cobra Shock Troopers and training them to be elite Alley Vipers earning their orange and blue. He was training a group of Shock Troopers when one of them asked him "why orange jumpsuits?" Hooligan made him do 50 push ups for asking such a stupid question and replied "Winning a battle is good but when you can win that battle without having to fire a single shot then you are an Alley Viper". He then turned to the rest of the group and continued " Like the poisonous dart frog our colors serve as a warning our reputation proceeds them. Our reputation strikes fear into the public and our bright orange and blue jumpsuits let the cockroaches know it is time to RUN. Every person that flees in fear is a battle won without a smudge on our boots. The few that stand in defiance are easily stomped down building on our reputation and the fear it produces.".

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