Head: Doc V1
Chest: Bazooka V1
Upper Arms: Doc V1
Lower Arms: Roadblock V1
Hands: Quinlan Vos
Middle Piece: Spirit V1
Upper Legs: Pathfinder V2
Lower Legs: Pathfinder V2

I always felt that all of the Dreadnoks were capable of performing minor maintenance on their motorcycles and other equipment, but I had always thought that they should have a dedicated mechanic. Hasbro had introduced that idea when they created the character of Burnout, but had failed to capitalize on it properly in my opinion. There was nothing unique about the figure that screamed mechanic. I wanted to fix that when I made my custom version of Burnout. I also wanted to capture some of the traits of a friend of mine from my college days. This friend was extremely intelligent, one of the smarter people I had ever met. Unfortunately he was a little misguided and really enjoyed marijuana. He was an African-American kid from Newark, NJ that was very slight of build with dreadlocks. My custom version of Burnout is a direct reflection of this friend, including everything from the custom made hookah to the dreadlocks and many of the other characteristics. My vision of Burnout is a typical stoner, he spends most of his time high from marijuana, but he is extremely intelligent as evidenced by his custom built robot. Like all of my other Dreadnoks, all of Burnout's gear is removable so that he can go into public places unhindered and not draw any suspicious looks from the local authorities.

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