Head, Helmet: DG Duke
Torso, Arms: Ret 3 pack Firefly
Legs: Ret Cobra Combat Ninja
Hands: Mouse
Goggles: POC Dusty
Shoulder Harness: Maruaders Falcon
Belt/holster: 50th Hawk
Gun: Vintage TF Dusty
Helmet Cloth: 50th Snow Job
Backpack: Ultimate Firefly

With this year's Joecon Tiger Force set and the custom Joecon set I did in the fall, I had nearly the entire original Tiger Force team. I was only missing Dusty and Roadblock. I was kind of thinking that the Club would possibly give us them in the next FSS, but we're getting Sneak Peek and Outback instead so I had to do customs. Here is my Dusty. I toyed with using a Dusty/Maruaders Falcon torso to get a more accurate look, but in the end went with a Ret Firefly.

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