Head, Helmet, Arms: Night Force Hit 'N' Run
Torso: Ret 3 pack Firefly
Legs: 50th Lady Jaye
Ropes: Resolute Storm Shadow
Climbing Harness: Airborne
Backpack: ROC Desert Duke
Shoulder Harness: Marauders Falcon
Gun: Ret Ultimate Duke

Hit 'N' Run has been my favorite Joe since I was little. He was my go-to Joe whenever I was playing outside, and I loved sticking him in the grass or bushes and hiding him. I did a custom V1 version of him a while back but since the club gave us a pretty good version in the latest FSS, I re-purposed my custom. I always wanted a desert Hit 'N' Run, so that's the direction I went. I figure he's fighting Cobra's in Afghanistan who are aiding the Taliban.

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