Wing Commander Blair - Head
CA2 Red Skull - Torso, Arms, Coat
AA Red Skull - Hips, Upper Legs
Destro - Hands
Neo-Viper - Boots

AT-ST Driver - Neutrino-Wand
Laser-Viper - Particle Accelerator

Dusty - Goggles
Mon Mothma - Lens
Random Lightsaber - Other Lens

Ghost Trap
Destro - Trap Base
Scrap-Iron - Pedal and cable

From the Ark of the Covenant and the Right Hand of Doom, to the Spear of Destiny and the Keep at Dinu Mountain Pass, it seems that the Nazis' quest for Supernatural power manages to always go wrong. SOMEONE has to clean up the mess, and that's where "Die Geisterjäger" come in. With the help of an unlikely ally in a British soldier trapped behind enemy lines, the team desperately tries to save the earth from enemies unknown and unknowable... even as the world is tearing itself apart.

Herr Stantz is, if there is one, the heart of die Geisterjäger. Obsessive about the occult and supernatural to the point of being oblivious to the man-made horrors of the war around him, Herr Stantz is a believer in all things strange. While Doktor Spengler works out the science to make the group's ghost hunting gear work, and Sergeant Zeddemore figures out the engineering to keep the equipment working in the field, it's Herr Stantz who often comes up with the initial imaginative spark of genius that inspires each piece. Doktor Spengler remains perplexed that most of his seemingly outlandish ideas and suggestions are able to be translated into a workable prototype.

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