Head: Prince Xisor from star wars figure ( modified w/ neckball and horns from marvel figure
body: cast chest of ninja roadblock.
arms: ? (added arm blades made from epoxy)
crotch :croc master
horse body: burger king toy
tail: Dr. octopus toy

Accessories: head w/ spine (made from ozone head and fodder.

Another character from my Mortal Kombat customs. This is my custom Motaro. I really did not know about how to go about this one but after doing some research I seen another customizer use a similar recipe (I believe Redskull) .
Anyway after doing some heavy modifications and sculpting I think the figure turned out well. I cut off the horse head and added a crotch and molded around it I then had a casted torso that looked great and had some other random fodder parts. He has several points of articulation including head, arms, torso, all 4 legs and tail.

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