LEGO Grampa Simpson head and paper
25th B.A.T.

This character was done as a part of a GI Joe/Simpsons crossover project I did utilizing every head offered by LEGO in Series 1 of the Simpsons.

Grampa was swept into a Cobra van unwittingly. Due to his poor vital signs, he was given to Dr. Mindbender for experimentation. After a brief examination, Dr. Mindbender could not figure out how he was still alive and decided he needed to be immediately melded with Cobra cyborg technology in order for him to survive for further experimentation. Unfortunately, even after the procedure was successful, Grampa proved utterly useless. He slept most of the day and when he was awake he just shook his fist at passers by and kept talking about Herbert Hoover and Dulcolax.

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