Head: Bullet-Proof '92
Torso: Backblast '89
Arms: Heavy Duty '91
Waist/Legs: Bazooka '85

Knife: Stalker '89
Blocking Pad: Road Pig '88
Back Pack: Tripwire '83 (replica)
Mine Case: Recoil '89

Freight is the demolitions expert for the G.I.Joe Extreme team. In the comics and cartoon, he tended to demolish things with his body. He is also disproportional to the rest of the team, towering over them like Fezik did to Wesley in "The Princess Bride".

I wanted to give this custom a feel of big without going over the top on hugeness. The Bazooka legs and Heavy Duty arms combined with the slightly longer neck joint of Bullet-Proof do this nicely.

The bandanna was made by painting the head and then tying a knot in a piece of red fabric, and using the red paint as the glue to hold it to the back of his head.

The original figure came with some over sized knives and sports equipment, and that's why I decided to give this one Stalker's knife and Road Pig's arm guard.

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