Head: Ultimate Duke
Hands: Hawk from The Pit
Torso: CS SE - Dremmeled way down
Suit and Tie: DC Ultimate Black Mask
Legs and Feet: ROC CC

ARAH Viper Rifle
Maurauder butt
random other fodder

cut down from POC Blind Master


As I stated in my other Shade custom description, Shade has many faces that are perfect for wherever a "job" needs to be done

This face of Shade doesn't inspire the fear of the dark hood, but he is armed to the teeth. The briefcase contains a broken down sniper rifle. The wire conceals around his back for ease of use (you can see the handle in one of the pics). The cane is fast draw for a messy kill at a high rate of speed.

I included a broken down picture of the rifle so it could be critiqued as well.

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