Head: DC Infinite Heroes Captain Boomerang
Torso, arms: Renegades Snake-Eyes
Hands: Resolute Flint
Legs: 25A Snake-Eyes ('89 Tribute Version)
Shawl: NS Swamp Rat
World Peacekeepers Rifle?


Five years before Hasbro shied away from calling Low Light a "sniper", Mego did it with Stryker. Whereas Hasbro defined Low Light as a "Night Spotter", Mego was a bit more direct by labeling Stryker as a "sharpshooter". We all know he's a sniper, here added to my "Now a Joe" project.

Mego's designs for its Stryker figure and The Cat figure were easily the two Eagle Force ones most alike. Much too similar. Both had berets, two grenades, mustaches, long sleeves, and gold fatigues with jackboots. The Cat had a rope draped across his chest- this is about the only way to tell the Mego figures apart at a quick glance.

To distinguish them from each other, Stryker has a tattered shawl over a form-fitting shirt and a five o'clock shadow. The Captain Boomerang head has a really intense focus to it, perfect for the character. The parts for Stryker are simplistic, but come together when framed with the Swamp Rat shawl, which works as a substitute for a ghillie suit.

The Cat, which I made as a custom last year, stayed in a more standard uniform, got a skull cap, kept the thin mustache, and retained his rope.

Colors & Paint:

Following the same color set as my other EF customs, in which Mego's metallic gold is replaced with a dark tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern.

On my other EF figures which use orange on the secondary clothing areas, such as Stryker's form-fitting shirt, I have used acrylic paint. On this figure, though, I used orange spray paint- but toned it down with a dark wash.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The spit curls were removed from the forehead and the Cobra clasp was removed from the shawl. The shirt's collar and the hood on the cloak are sculpted. The screw insets on the thighs are filled.

Thanks for looking.

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