Used a v1 Alley Viper...hollowed out the head and sanded, cut, and shaped the body into armour plates...the arms and legs are from various 25th figures ..the joints are covered by polyester canvas. This figure has LED lights built in..powered by 3-1.5 volt button batteries.

With this project I wanted to fuse the v1 style with more of a conventional look. The hardest part of building him was the shaping of the armour plates from the body of the v1..then getting them to fit..the head was easy to hollow out.then managed to squeeze in the head of a clone trooper..then added LED lighting ...the wire runs down the the head can be turned left to right....this alley viper has the latest tech to scope the target...while the light weight armour gives him the protection he needs in a firefight...but the agility to creep up and persue the unsuspecting Joe.

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