Head, torso: 25A Duke
Arms: Renegades Cobra Commander
Hands, duster: Star Wars- Endor Han Solo Duster
Legs: NS Dusty
Rifle: Resolute ???


Alec Treveylan was an MI6 operative. Codenamed 006, he turned traitor after his apparent death and held a grudge against Bond. The character's only film appearance (plus a few games) was in Goldeneye, in which he died. This custom imagines him as a "Now a Joe" character. Had Trevelyan somehow survived his final battle with Bond, he might have fallen in with the Red Shadows.

The 25A Duke head, with some tweaks, is a passable Sean Bean stand-in. The rest of the parts create a para-military outfit he might wear as a Red Shadow. The NS Dusty legs blend pretty well with the 25A torso/arms.

Colors & Painting:

Treveylan's costumes in Goldeneye used dark colors. In keeping with that, a mix of dark colors are used here. A metallic wash on the shirt to make it look like silk. The scars on the side of the face are painted. The buttons are painted.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Duke hair was removed and re-sculpted on the top of the head. Volume was added to the nose tip and to the chin to look more pointed like Sean Bean. The Han Solo duster is altered to looking like a trench coat by adding shoulder boards and a belt, and by raising the bottom to around the knees instead of the ankles. The upper right leg was modified to fit into the socket. The diaper crotch was fixed.

Thanks for looking.

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