Head: Jinx
Torso and Arms: Lady Jaye
Legs: Shipwreck

Vypra became infatuated with Firefly the first time she saw him at Cobra headquarters. She didn't understand her attraction to the masked man but she couldn't help trailing him every time he came around for a new job. Firefly took notice and finally approached Vypra. He told her that he was looking for new associates and offered her a chance to get away from from Cobra. Vypra jumped at the chance and was soon following Firefly around the world and learning new techniques from the demolition expert.

Vypra was the first recruit in what became known worldwide as Firefly Inc., a sabotage for hire outfit that always came through as long as they got paid. As the company grew, they were suddenly targeted by GI Joe and other anti-terrorist organizations. Cobra Commander III offered Firefly and his team protection in Springfield in return for their services. Now Vypra has returned full circle, back in Cobra's employment, but she still has her mentor and first love, Firefly, directing her operations.

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