Webgear-Retaliation Data-Viper
Body-25th BAT with gun holster modded
Upper arms-Renegades Cobra Trooper

From Resurgence 2 by PHX Customs

B.A.T. technology has been seemlessly integrated into the new Cobra war machine through the creation of Howler. This version of the B.A.T. propagates orders on the battlefield to the SWARM, including aerial and ground drones. Reapers attack from the air and Ransackers attack from the ground. Both drones are heavily armored and armed. A swarming Howler unit is something to behold and strikes fear into the heart of any enemy.

This BAT Drone Operator, code name Howler, was initially supposed to have just been a Data-BAT. (Raptor, who wrote the file card, came up with the name Howler as I was having naming block at the time and I loved it.) While I was brainstorming ideas for this project I thought it would be cool if the SWARM had some heavily armored and heavily armed vehicles to include in assaults on GI Joe. I wanted them to be unmanned and controlled remotely. This guy was sitting on my WIP shelf and struck me as the perfect setup to control and operate a fleet of attack vehicles.

File card by Raptor
Box Art by Sam Panico

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